Bethany Assembly of God

God's Glory • Good News • Transformed Lives

Children’s Daily Devotionals

Week 1

Jesus is the Word
Jesus is the Lamb
Jesus and His Friends
Jesus is Kind
Jesus Gets Angry

Week 2

The Gift of Jesus
Jesus is the Living Water
Jesus & the Rules
Jesus & the Father
Jesus Feeds the Crowd

Week 3

Jesus Walks on Water
Jesus is the Bread of Heaven
The Crowd Leaves Jesus
The Teaching of Jesus
The Invitation of Jesus

Week 4

The Mercy of Jesus
The Claims of Jesus
Jesus Heals the Blind Man
The Investigation of Jesus
Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Week 5

The Tears of Jesus
The Plot Against Jesus
The Anointing of Jesus
Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem
Jesus Predicts His Death

Week 6

Jesus, The Servant
Jesus Predicts His Betrayal
Jesus' Actions
Jesus Comforts His Friends
Jesus is the Way to the Father