Our Focus

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As a church, our mission is to empower people to significantly increase their ministry capabilities, in order to achieve God’s worthwhile purposes, by exhibiting compassion and by demonstrating biblical principles of leadership.

This mission is worked out through our vision:

Influence people to follow Jesus
Impart spiritual hunger and gifting
Empower ministry for leadership
Release ministry into the world


We apply these beliefs, and our mission and vision through some specific values:

Engaging  Worship – We are committed to leading people in worship that sacrifices neither content nor quality. We are committed to engaging people to the worship experience and clearly connecting it to the Word of God.

Expository Preaching – We are committed to preaching God’s Word line by line and verse by verse. It is our firm belief that God’s Word is inspired and that His Spirit still uses it to transform us into the image of Christ. We believe that the Spirit directs God’s Word to us and aligns our plans according to His desires.

CommunityWhile this word may be overworked, I can think of no better word to describe what we desire to accomplish. We want our contemporary service to be a place where relationships are forged and needs met not just by a person with a title but by the body. We want the contemporary service to be a center from which ministry flows to other members and to the world. We desire for this to happen on an individual and a corporate level.

Young Adults – We are committed to focusing on young adults as our target for ministry. We by no means place an age limit on who can participate in our community and we desire and respect the attendance and input of more mature people, but the form of our ministry will continually be aimed at young adults (18-35yrs.).

  • Reaching the Lost – We are committed to continually seeking ways that we can connect outsiders to God both within our service and through outreach.
  • Solid Children’s MinistryWe are committed to helping whole families grow in their relationships with Christ by providing not just childcare, but ministry to children

Progress – We are committed to continually becoming better at what we do. We are not and will never become content with where we are at. We are committed to a culture where change is expected and happens regularly because we are continually getting better at communicating the gospel as the Spirit transforms us.

EnvironmentWe are committed to creating a place for worship that is inviting, demonstrates the love of God, and helps people to connect with Him. We do this through:

  • Hospitality – We want our hosts to be well trained, energetic, engaging, knowledgeable, and most importantly, to allow the Spirit to equip them in gifts of hospitality.


  • Setting – We want our physical environment to be welcoming, engaging, and to relate our core values and mission.


Media – We are committed to using quality media to assist us in proclaiming God’s message and help us connect that message to young adults.

Bethany – We are Bethany. Our desire is not to form a segregated community, but to be a part of the larger community at Bethany and to be a catalyst for change and ministry to future generations.