Influence Discipleship

The mission of the church is to make disciples, that is, followers of Jesus. That's what Influence Discipleship is designed to help Bethany do. Influence Discipleship classes take place on Sunday mornings. We have a core of classes offered on a rotating basis which make up our Influence Discipleship Track. This track reenforces Bethany's vision by influencing you to follow Jesus more closely while imparting understanding of how to grow in your relationship with Him, empowering you for growth and ministry, and releasing you into service in His Kingdom by helping you understand His plan for your life. This track is not just for newcomers, but for everyone. If you've been around Bethany for a long time but are looking to learn how you can grow in your relationship with Jesus or to connect with others, this track is for you. If you are new to Bethany and don't know where to start, this track is for you! 

Every two months, we also offer a variety of classes covering a wide range of topics that will help strengthen your faith and prepare you to serve others and make disciples. These include studies through books of the Bible, apologetics, biblical theme studies, and more. 

The Influence Discipleship classes are offered on an annual rotating schedule, and can be found in the Influence Discipleship Track by clicking here.

THE BASICS 1 & 2 – If you are new to Bethany, a new believer, or just want to begin your discipleship journey, this is where you need to start.You will learn (or be reminded of) some essentials of the Christian faith and discuss how to apply them to your life.  If you are new to the faith or have never participated in a class, this is the place to start!

SPIRITUAL GROWTH & EVANGELISM – You will learn to intentionally follow Christ by developing a spiritual growth plan. You will also learn to share your faith with others.

HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE – Here you will learn to study, interpret, and apply the Bible for yourself.

THIS I BELIEVE – You will learn the most important beliefs of this church and discuss how they apply in your own real life situations.

MINISTRY GIFTS– Come to this class to identify the gifts that God has given you and put them to work serving Him and His people.

Pastor Stephen Thee – Young Adult & Influence Discipleship Pastor