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Connect Groups

Connect Groups are designed as a place for you to Connect:

UPWARD…We want everyone to connect to and grow in a relationship with Christ
INWARD…We want everyone to know that God has a plan and a purpose for their life and that you have a part to play here at Bethany.
OUTWARD…We want to be bridge-builders to the people and communities around us by showing God’s love for others in a number of ways.
Our first semester of Connect Groups will run from September 13th to November 22nd of 2020. These groups will be meeting in the gym here at Bethany over the course of various days and times throughout the week.  Of course, COVID means we have to take unique approaches in running these groups, but all safety protocols will be observed, as we have been doing for Sundays and Wednesdays. It is recommended that you call the church office or e-mail group leaders in advance to confirm the meeting information.
Connect Groups are our way as a church of desiring to grow, while still making available those crucial ways of getting and staying connected on a smaller level. All of our Connect Groups this semester will be sermon-based response based, so that you have an opportunity to discuss the sermon, talk about how it applies to you, and discover how community and application of the Word come together to help us grow as a disciple of Christ. We believe that you will love being a part of a group that prays for you, challenges you, and cares about you as you all participate together. 
We would love for you to register for a Connect Group by clicking here.
Once you have found a date and time that works for your schedule, click “join” and fill out the corresponding information to reserve your spot! We strongly encourage you to reserve your spot now!