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Children’s Ministry



BETHANY KIDS just want to have fun!  We also believe kids want to do something special, something important, so we seek to give them opportunities to do something special for Jesus Christ.

In order to learn anything real well you need to put it into practice. We like to see kids involved, doing works of service for God and man. Individual classes for each grade builds a solid foundation of Bible knowledge. Larger groups give an opportunity to be involved with worship and prayer, as well as service in sound, video and music.

Keeping kids excited about being in church is an important part of helping them to grow in Christ and keep on growing. Our goal is to lead the children to a firsthand knowledge of Jesus Christ and what He wants to do in their lives as individuals as well as what God wants to do in His body of believers. Children need to know that they are the church.

8:30am – Sunday School  (Elementary Age)

10:00am – SuperChurch in the gym

11:30am – Bible Challenge, Kids Connect, Virtual Sunday School, and Worship Team Rehearsals (for Team Members only)

  • Note: Sunday service times have changed to 8:30am, 10am, and 11:30am.

Children’s Ministry serves all children from Nursery – 6th grade.