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T.N.T. Puppet Team

The T.N.T. Puppet Team was formed in 1998 and in that time they have performed in outreach missions all over New England, Canada and even Ireland. The purpose of the team is trifold.

1. To spread seeds of the Gospel to the unreached.

2. To remind Christians of the joy of living in Jesus Christ’s love.

3. To train young people how to take on leadership positions, make independent decisions, work as a team and have fun.

Many different forms of puppets are used and the team specializes in performing with black lights.  Some team members perform predominantly with puppets, while others may handle the myriad of props such as kites, signs, ribbon sticks, flags, confetti cannons and anything else we can use to enhance the message of the  contemporary Christian music used.

Churches or organizations that would like the team to perform at their events can call the church office (413) 789-2930 for information.  The ministry is free of charge.  

The team rehearses Tuesdays from 5:00-6:30pm in the Lighthouse auditorium.  Anyone over the age of 12 who is interested in joining should call the church office (413) 789-2930 and leave their name and number. The team is interdenominational, so interested people from other churches are welcome.