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Men’s Ministry


Our men's ministry seeks to instruct and empower men to be a Godly influence in their families, the church and the community. The Godly man should become a better husband, father, son and citizen of the church and community. The Godly man should be an encourager, servant leader and minister within his spheres of influence.

To achieve this, we have scheduled a series of unique events throughout the year to help men grow in Christ and connect with one another. We hope that you will join us for these opportunities this year! Details for each event will be announced in our services and on the event page as those events approach.

    Warriors for Christ - (Sundays @ 10:00am)

The Warriors For Christ program is divided into four separate ten-month study elements. During the process the men will form strong bonds with each other. They will journey from one element into the next, staying together each step of the way. Each plan has a set of five books which are designed to initially form a foundation of Biblical principles. The books selected will also increase each participants knowledge of Biblical manhood, family responsibilities, financial responsibilities, spiritual health, etc., all elements which are fundamental to a man’s spiritual walk. The books are read weekly, ingested throughout the week, discussed in their weekly session, and ultimately enacted upon in their daily walk.

Stage 1 - The Infantrymen

The books of Stage 1 are designed to establish a foundation of faith. This is the men's introduction into biblical manhood. The books are designed to establish an understanding of biblical principles as well as a basic understanding of what a Godly man looks like.

Stage 2 – The Cavalrymen

The books of Stage 2 are designed to place walls on the support structure built on the foundation of Stage 1. They help the men to develop biblical disciplines in their life and will give guidance in overcoming the temptations they face in their daily walk. The men at this point in the process will begin to understand that they are not the only ones experiencing the struggles of the flesh common to all men.

Stage 3 – The Centurions

The books in Stage 3 are designed to buttress, or reinforce, the structure learned in Stage 2. They also add a leadership element to their walk. We are all called to be leaders in one respect or another, whether it be home, work, church or community.

Stage 4 – The Legionnaires

The books in Stage 4 are designed to place men in a position where they weekly bring biblical principles to defend their opinions and understanding of what it was that they have read from their weekly book assignments. By the time the men enter stage, they should have a solid grasp of the Bible and a solid understanding of how to apply the Bible to their walk, their talk, and also to their decision making. Stage 4 men are expected to be ready to lead any Stage, 1-4, if called upon to do so, and also to assume a leadership role in a ministry of the church they are attending.

The Implements for successful completion of a Stage are as follows:

Stage 1 – The Infantrymen - A King Solomon Sword

Stage 2 – The Cavalrymen – An Armor of God Figure

Stage 3 – The Centurions – A Centurion Helmet

Stage 4 – The Legionnaires – A Study Bible (version of their choosing) and a Gal. 2:20 Ring

After successfully completing each stage of the process, a Warrior will be celebrated with a ceremony held at a Sunday afternoon banquet.  They will be awarded the implement of the Stage they were enrolled in and successfully completed and their success will be celebrated by their family, their brothers and their pastors.

Let it be noted that if, for whatever reason, a candidate has not successfully completed their Stage requirements, they will be afforded the opportunity to go through a second time. This should never be viewed as a failure.  The goal should always be the end result, which is us becoming the men that God that He has called us to be, mirror images of His Son, Our Lord and Our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Men’s Ministry Director – Rev. Gregg Kretschmer