World Missions…

Assemblies of God World Missions represents a growing family of more than 4,113 people –-2,098 appointed missionaries, 615 missionary associates and 1,400 missionary children – scattered throughout 200 countries and territories. These dedicated men and women, along with their children, are taking the gospel to cities, urban areas and remote villages, telling a lost world that Christ loves them and came to redeem them from their sins. Together, they work with more than 310,000 national pastors in six geographical regions – Africa, Asia Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean and Northern Asia. A Word that accurately describes AG World Missions today is “unprecedented.”


Home Missions

In Acts 1:8, Jesus told the apostles, “…and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth.” It is important that we stress the urgency of missions in America. Our country has an estimated 105 million lost souls. If we sit by and do nothing, there can be no doubt God will hold us accountable for letting these people die without Christ when it would have been so simple to share the gospel with them. As congregations across America see the statistics of suicides, drug use and false religions, and watch interviews where men and women of all ages and ethnicities deny the existence of our sovereign God, The monumental task of reaching the lost in America is all too apparent as we see the statistics of…and hear people of all ages and ethnicities deny the existence of our Lord, Jesus Christ.